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Homework projects could work well if the hiring requirements are small, but won't work well when a company has to hire say 25 engineers a quarter, which we had to. At that point, the process becomes too long, and it's easy to lose good candidates to a long process.

This method of interviewing has been around ever since, and is going to be around for the foreseeable future. Nobody loves it, including the interviewers, but there just isn't a better way to do it at any sort of scale. Especially when there are much bigger problems to solve when you're running a business.

It's best to take the bull by the horns. I run http://InterviewKickstart.com, which is a bootcamp for preparing for such technical interviews. We do almost exactly what is in the blog post. It works. Spectacularly.

i was about to sign up but then it asked for my phone number. why do you need this information?

Simply because it is quite difficult to explain the concept in writing. What does it mean to have an intense bootcamp just to prepare for interviews? What's the method? etc.

I want to take the time to talk to everyone who is interested in the course. Because the concept is new, people have all sorts of questions. Can't possibly address all of them in writing. I don't have a team of salespeople and haven't spent a penny on advertising.

If you still prefer email, please feel free to send one. It's on the site. It may just take longer to do back and forth.

Thanks for considering!

Simply because it is quite difficult to explain the concept in writing.

Then maybe it's not such a good concept.

Or possibly because it's a new concept, which takes more text to describe. More text than what can be included above the fold, and more than what most people read attentively these days.

After all, it's an 8-week intensive course, mostly for CS grads, that grills you hard, and is not cheap. As a consumer hence, I'd highly prefer to talk with someone. Not to mention, all educational institutes have an enrollment process that needs you to talk to a human.

At some point, when it becomes more common and well-accepted, we will condense it, but it feels a little too early to do so.

not showing the tuition somewhere up-front (or even in the faq) is another red flag...

I had it there at one point. But the concept is difficult to understand and hence it takes a bit to understand the pricing. I didn't want random discussions on pricing flying online, by people who hadn't taken the time to understand what the course was, and what the upside is.

Pricing is also nuanced based on whether you're an experience engineer or student, whether you're taking the course remotely or on-site. Plus, there are recruiting firms who have access to our pipeline, who return a significant portion of our fees to you directly (we don't take a cut).

And those who are super curious, can always google it :-) In fact, most people who call have already googled for it before calling.

Rest assured, we're a real business, running classes every week. Batch after batch. Those who work hard, are getting their work rewarded.

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