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For Windows there is SandboxIE: http://www.sandboxie.com/index.php?DownloadSandboxie

It should be able to sandbox Windows Apps, except for Metro/Modern UI Apps and Microsoft Edge.

Too many programs are having a backdoor or Trojan in them now. It is a good idea to run any app that accesses the Internet in a sandbox first to see what it does.

Just a warning: by default it doesn't protect your documents from reading.

It isolates the process, all writes (filesystem, registry) go to the sandbox instead of the host filesystem, so a malicious software can't easily install itself. But reading data is mostly unprotected by default, so a malware ran in a sandbox may steal some sensitive data. To protect such data you have to pre-configure sandbox manually.

Also cameyo to make your own:


And they have prepackaged sandboxed apps:


I have no problem paying for apps but for people who have paid for SandboxIE, do you think you've got your money's worth out of it?

Yes. Back when I still used Windows five years ago, the app was an essential tool for me. All web browsers, downloaders and basically anything else that I consider high risk must be run in a sandbox, which is routinely emptied. Less risky apps are sometimes also installed in a sandbox, which is emptied much less frequently. And it's great for trying out trial versions of software before I fully trust their publishers. I didn't run any antivirus on that machine at all and I'm that confident. Nowadays I've switched to OS X but I still miss the easy sandboxing of basically any app.

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