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> "Open source software is especially vulnerable to this kind of stuff."

I am sorry, what? Why would open source contain more bugs/hacks than closed source specifically? It is more often in the news for few reasons, including that many projects are widely used. However it's against any PR from companies to have their security issues disclosed like they are in open source so they try to minimize the exposure. See [1]

[1] http://www.techrepublic.com/article/open-source-vs-proprieta...

The risk is not in the software itself, but in the server which hosts the installers. A hacker could just build the software from sources (adding his backdoor) and replace the original installers with his own, if the server is not properly secured.

The risk is exactly the same with proprietary software. A hacker can unpack the installer and create a new one with his changes. Or, as they often do, create a wrapper which installs their malware and then calls into the original unmodified installer.

Not because of the fact that it's open source, but because of the distribution models used.

SourceForge has been linked to bundled malware and hijacked projects like GIMP and FileZilla.

I don't follow, what does it matter for the "distribution model" if the software is open- or closed-source? The problem with SourceForge were its malware-riddled installers, how would it be any better if the downloads were proprietary software?

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