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Do You See What I See? Differential Treatment of Anonymous Users [pdf] (ucl.ac.uk)
28 points by aburan28 on Mar 7, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

"The utility of anonymous communication is un- dermined by a growing number of websites treating users of such services in a degraded fashion."

Oh no. I see it totally differently: differential treatment of "anonymous, unaccountable" users vs "anonymous" users. The Tor model essentially requires the average admin to trust everyone not to abuse their access unless extra work is done on top of that. It also has about zero incentive for most content producers on the web given the pro-surveillance nature of their operation that users created with their negative response to paid content and access.

So, it makes sense for them to filter out Tor and other anonymity schemes both for reducing their negatives and adding to their positives. This is why high security starts with user and environment requirements before producing a design. Previous experience that didn't do that showed people would ignore or work around resulting systems. This is also an easy work around compared to many. A dumb idea to fight economics and human nature in something that is supposed to get massive, mainstream use. At the least, it will encounter lots of resistance. At worst, it will totally fail.

What is this? Proof that Tor users are treated differently.

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