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Text config files plus the command line makes explainations and documentation a lot simpler, more concise, and more precise. You can exactly duplicate a series of commands and config changes. "Type this command to edit this config file, change the value of this setting to this other setting, then run this command to reload." Making documentation is often simply a matter of copying from your .bash_history.

Making documentation for graphical programs often requires screenshots and sentences like "click the third radio button on the right-hand section" that add nothing to the documentation and are easily misunderstood by hapless users. Then the developer changes the layout of the dialog box and you need a new set of screenshots. I'll grant that GUIs are more discoverable to a casual user.

I seem to recall that it's possible to automate GUI software but it seems fraught with peril in a way that automation of a commandline and text config system simply is not.

Check out AutoIt for an example of GUI automation. I've used it before as a hacky way to extend GUI programs.

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