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> The amount of shell and build scripts on Unix-likes that die horrible deaths when encountering spaces is not funny.

That's so accurate. I used to write shell scripts with

    command $1
until I got a few too many nasty surprises with dashes in filenames.

Always use "$@"

    foo() {
        for arg in "$@" ; do
            echo "arg is \"${arg}\""

    foo 'bar baz' 'spaces in filename.txt'
> dashes in filenames.

When writing shell scripts it's a good idea to use the -- option whenever possible

    stupid_backup() {
        cp -a -- "$@" /stupid/backup/dir/
    # copies 2 files
    stupid_backup --files '-with -leading -dashes'

What does the -- option do? I haven't encountered that before.

It means "everything past here should not be parsed as a - or -- flag". If you have a file named "-l", then ls -- -l will show you that file, instead of doing a long listing.

It should be noted that not all flag parsers support it. But most people use getopt so it's not a big deal.

Thanks- that's really useful.

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