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> Windows is a lot more reliable than Linux at having things "just work" these days.

As long as you only do the things you're allowed to do. I just replaced my 6-year old Windows gaming machine, the only win machine I have. I can't even change the windowing theme - it has to be MS's preselected graphics. I wanted to turn off all the 'phone home' stuff except updates and windows defender; these are spread through half-a-dozen locations. I hadn't even got to install my first bit of software yet (firefox) and already I was limited over what can normally be done with a desktop.

"Just works" isn't really an argument when it's paired with "but you can only do these things".

Not to mention that back in the server world that lightweight virtual servers are an impossibility with Windows arena. ^nix servers are small in volume size, can run on fumes, and are largely disposable. Windows servers are (relatively) huge, slow to launch, require much more system resources, and require licensing. That isn't "just works" for me.

> [text config] This is often ok, but it does make it hard to integrate with GUI tools, hence the lack of them.

Only if your GUI tools are written from the viewpoint that nothing else should touch the config file. After all, if I can write a bash script that upserts a config value in a text ini file, why can't a GUI programmer?

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