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How sure are you that you want to write code for a living? How much debt do you have? What kind of savings do you have? How many external obligations do you have?

DBC was worth it for me; I moved to a new city, got a great job, didn't have to take on too much debt, and I am generally happier and better off now. But it's not a flat yes or no, it's very much a question of your circumstances and your commitment level.

I'm very sure that I'd like to write code for a living. I have $3k in credit cards from the last time I was unemployed, a $16k car loan, and around $2k in student loans from the one semester of college I did before I had to start working to pay for food. I don't have a savings. My only obligation is that my girlfriend of 5 years has a really great job in this city so I'd like to stay here until I get a "big boy" job.

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