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One reason that also explains why there aren't many reviews of universities, relative to the number of people who attend: When your career depends in part upon the esteem of your degrees or certifications, speaking negatively about the source (uni, a camp) is disincentivized.

Reviews of individual university classes are prolific. Last time I used one of these websites [1] (years ago), there weren't any compunctions about posting negative reviews.

I know this isn't exactly responding to your comment, but I thought it fit.

[1] ratemyprofessor.com

As a total sidebar, my favourite ratemyprocessor.com review (of myself) reads as follows:

"is always willing to help if you need help just make sure that you at least try for a bit before you go for help from Tony otherwise he will not help you."

And yet the student rated me 5/5 for helpfulness and clarity. Makes me very happy inside to know that at least someone sees that that's a plus.

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