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> I really think Common Lisp had a fantastic solution here and I miss the evolution over try-catch they spec'd.

Are you thinking of Common Lisp's conditions/handlers/restarts? I've never programmed in Common Lisp but have always been intrigued by this idea.

> This is in sharp contrast to Maven or others where build artifacts can exist entirely outside of the expectation of use in the build chain

Ok, I think I understand now. So you'd like to be able to use "prebuilt" dependencies in Go (delivered like a .so in C++ or a .jar in Java)?

Honestly, the compilation is so quick, and the advantages of a statically linked executable are so great, that I have trouble imagining why I would want that. In Go, instead of saving the dependency as a .jar file (for example), I just saved the dependency source in the `vendor` directory. For the record, this is exactly what big projects like Chromium do in C++.

On Lisp, yes conditions and restarts. The only downside is the feature does inhibit some types of optimizations.

On Go, I honestly don't care if they're prebuilt. The fact the package and build story are linked is not the problem. It's the strange split brain assumption that versioning libraries is bad and taking from a git repo tip is reasonable.

Which is doubly weird because of the human contempt evident in Go. As Pike said, evidently Google employees cannot be trusted to do much off anything. Except, mysteriously, for the rather hard task of never breaking a git master and communicating breaking changes without any signing mechanism.

Vendoring is something you do to aid build times and to improve the simplicity of source distribution. It is misapplied as a substitute for actual versions and developer-focused source and binary packaging.

Vendoring means if I recheck a repo after 2 months of having it run in production I can probably still build it. Probably. But, updating it with the latest security or bugfixes? That is no easier.

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