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APEGA accepted my work experience record without issue, and I don't think it was a problem for anyone I worked with. Maybe that's because I worked at an unusually engineering-heavy shop? The software was rigorously tested for safety reasons, and a P.Eng. had to sign off on each release.

It's reasonably common for engineering grads of any speciality to simply end up working somewhere they don't need a P.Eng. While it might be nice if that were less common for Software Engineers, a P.Eng. must stand behind their work. Qualified candidates should show they worked in a manner that made an existing engineer comfortable ok'ing their work. That may not be common, but it's fundamental to the process.

> Maybe that's because I worked at an unusually engineering-heavy shop?

Must be. Of the dozens of people who graduated from the Software Engineering program that I know or have worked with, you're the first I've heard of who's actually managed to obtain their P.Eng. I've known a couple of people who talked to APEGA extensively and were told that nothing they were doing (writing code, architecting solutions, etc) counted. Probably comes down to 99.99% of places aren't doing safety critical work and/or don't want to pay for formal verification.

Glad to know the title is being used, anyways.

I work mostly in the web services and web related technologies, and I've never even encountered a software engineer. However, I would want a software engineer working on my pacemaker, or perhaps other fields where safety is paramount like medical devices.

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