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I've switched from PyCharm (based on the same IntelliJ Platform as IDEA) to VS Code, and it's so much faster to work with. That said, I've found that it's not nearly as good at all the code intelligence stuff as PyCharm is.

I've never used IntelliJ's Go tools, but VS Code is much better at that stuff in Go than Python. (I believe it uses third-party open-source tools in both cases; code intelligence for a statically typed language like Go is probably much simpler which probably helps.)

The best way to look at VS Code is as an IDE minus the 'integrated' bit - instead of having the core editor and UI bundled in with all the code intelligence stuff for a specific set of languages, it's a text editor with a code intelligence and debugger UI, that calls out to out-of-process plugins to do the heavy lifting.

Dynamic languages make good tooling very difficult. It makes it painful to transition from Go for hobbies to Python for work. :(

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