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> In Quebec, programming is not considered an engineer-reserved task and therefore experience cannot be used towards getting the PE. In practice, it means that even thoug there is such a thing as software engineering degrees (most universities offer it), no graduate ever becomes an engineer.

APEGA has essentially the same rule in Alberta. That's what makes it impossible to log enough eligible hours to qualify for a P.Eng. It may well be the same in all provinces.

Consequently, although APEGA insists that only Professional Engineers can use the title "Software Engineer", they simultaneously make it impossible for anyone to ever use that title in practice. There's been at least one court case about it that I can recall.

APEGA accepted my work experience record without issue, and I don't think it was a problem for anyone I worked with. Maybe that's because I worked at an unusually engineering-heavy shop? The software was rigorously tested for safety reasons, and a P.Eng. had to sign off on each release.

It's reasonably common for engineering grads of any speciality to simply end up working somewhere they don't need a P.Eng. While it might be nice if that were less common for Software Engineers, a P.Eng. must stand behind their work. Qualified candidates should show they worked in a manner that made an existing engineer comfortable ok'ing their work. That may not be common, but it's fundamental to the process.

> Maybe that's because I worked at an unusually engineering-heavy shop?

Must be. Of the dozens of people who graduated from the Software Engineering program that I know or have worked with, you're the first I've heard of who's actually managed to obtain their P.Eng. I've known a couple of people who talked to APEGA extensively and were told that nothing they were doing (writing code, architecting solutions, etc) counted. Probably comes down to 99.99% of places aren't doing safety critical work and/or don't want to pay for formal verification.

Glad to know the title is being used, anyways.

I work mostly in the web services and web related technologies, and I've never even encountered a software engineer. However, I would want a software engineer working on my pacemaker, or perhaps other fields where safety is paramount like medical devices.

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