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Very nice feature. While you're in there tinkering under the hood, how about wiring it up for JavaScript & Python, too? (I'm mostly kidding, because this appears to be exactly the direction you're already heading.)

But PLEASE enable basic drag and drop text editing as soon as you can. Since the 1980s, EVERY text component, text editor, IDE, and word processor Microsoft has ever made has had the basic editing ability to drag a selected bit of text and drop it into a new location, with the maddening exception of VS Code where, when you try to drag your selection, you just lose the selection.

There are multiple requests for this in the feature request section of the VSC website, but unfortunately everybody calls it by a different name, so a single, higher-priority issue that would be suggested to most voters as they look over the top of the list is instead recorded as a bunch of low-priority issues lost down in the weeds, discovered by so few that it keeps getting recreated as a new issue.

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