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Quit my job to start a mobile game studio and just released our first game
30 points by aust_in_space on Mar 3, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments
Just 6 months ago, I had finally saved up enough money to leave my job and pursue my dream of creating a mobile game studio. I had already been creating games in my free time after work and it was more of just a hobby then but I decided to take the risk and make it a full-time gig. Since I quit, I had been working on an iOS title called Bumper Jump and I finally just released it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it and answer any questions you may have. Here's the link to Bumper Jump on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1082793702

The game looks really cute. Will take it for a spin on the weekend (wife has an iphone while I get stuck with Android). I assume you used SpriteKit? Did you do the graphics yourself or hire someone? They look simple but very professional!

Also .. where are you based (trying to judge cost of living of areas vs mine)?

Yep it's SpriteKit! How did you know it was that and not some other 2D engine? Thanks, I did the graphics just in photoshop. I'm based in Seattle. There's a pretty large gaming industry here.

Very cool!

My guess was SpriteKit because there was only an iOS version :) The physics capabilities you get with are quite awesome. Haven't seen something that works equally well and that's cross platform. I started playing with Unity as a hobby ... given how programmable it is, I assume there are physics engine plugins for it.

Best of luck!!

Yea it's pretty great but I was planning on getting into Unity in the future so I can make 2.5D and 3D games and develop it cross-platform.

Have you guys looked at Corona Platform for building cross-platform games?

Looks cute. It's nice to see someone following their dream.

Clickable: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1082793702

Thanks, I don't post here much if you couldn't already tell :)

It looks like a fun game!

Congratulations on following your dream, I wish I had the same opportunity.

I'll give it a try and tell you more later.

Thanks, it's never to late!

Cool game! Reminds me a bit of Icy Tower :)

One piece of feedback - I get a popup to login to Game Center every time I open the app. If I don't want to login, it would be nice if you stopped bugging me about it.

Apart from that, well done on shipping!

Just played. Really fun, tho confirms how rubbish I am at games :-) The only thing I didn't like was the ufo that saves you (?) when you screw up. I wasn't sure what was going on.

Great artwork and colour scheme. The title screen looks dynamite. Gameplay is fun and has good feel.

One thing: I wouldn't place the bar that counts down a powerup's effect at the top-left beside the score. It's way too small and is pretty much outside my field of view while I'm carefully placing bumpers in the lower portion of the screen.

Fun. I'll let my kids have a go and get their feedback.

No offense but I feel this shouldnt be on HN.

This is plainly some thinly veiled advertising. This belongs on Reddit imho (it also has a way larger userbase).

It's a free game. Who really cares?

Also, have you ever used HN before? Every single Show HN is basically what this post is and those are a mix of free products, bootstrapped startups, cool tech demos etc. so it's not like this is any different or somehow advertising when those aren't.

No offense but I always thought that ASK HN is a perfect place to share your project or product you make and collect feedback. I think this comment is a bit harsh. HN forks has always been really helpful and constructive towards people seeking feedback on what they made.

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