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I like VsCode especially for js css and html5 stuff. The problem I have with it is that it starts to lag when my codebase gets larger eg above 600 lines. Thats the reason why I switch to Atom. I think Atom is the best free text editor.

I'm having almost 34k lines of code for some html file, over 6mb (yes, there is a specific purpose for such a large html file for particular processing) and it works flawlessly in VS Code. I remember searching for text editor that would handle the file nicely and allow working with it. Opening that file in the first VS Code release was a pleasant surprise that performance was good.

If I remember correctly I tried Atom before VSCode as I thought: well, that's a nice looking editor. But oh, it was just unusable for such a large file.

How is a 6 MB file, with only 34,000 lines, considered "large" these days?

Smartphones from a couple of years ago already had multi-core, multi-GHz processors, and 2 GB or more of RAM. A 6 MB file would fit into memory well over a hundred times, even assuming lots of overhead.

Any moderately reasonable text editor should be able to handle a file of that size with total ease, at least for the basic operations.

I agree that it is not and was surprised that I had to search for a text editor that would handle that file nicely, provide syntax highlighting and allow me to do some regex search/replace.

You may want to take a look at the linters you have installed and in particular the "lint as you type" setting.

Is that 600 lines a typo?

No its not. 600 lines of Go code.

That is an extremely tiny amount of code for an editor to start choking on :(

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