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What is it, though? "Build and debug modern web and cloud applications." Is it like Atom (built on top of a browser)?

Very similar to Atom. Based on the same framework I think. You really can't tell it is running on a browser. It is more tuned for javascript and other web technologies but with the right plugin, it works fine for Go, Python, C, etc.

It's based on Electron, which hosts Chrome in a desktop app. But the actual editor code is different.

VS Code aims to be a modern style of editor - lighterweight and more code-focused than an IDE, but with many of the richer capabilities of an IDE offered in context inside the editor. Atom is similar in spirit.

Both Code and Atom are built on Electron[0] which hosts libchromiumcontent for rendering cross-platform desktop UI.

[0] http://electron.atom.io/

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