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I want to start using Visual Studio Code but I am waiting for a VIM emulator plugin that is "good enough" have you tried any of them?

While I'm far from a vim pro, I've never found a vim plugin that didn't frustrate me. Hence I've been stuck in vim because my brain just can't get used to non-modal editing.

Just heard from a coworker after I posted this he's switching back to vim because the vim plugin for VS Code isn't quite there.

Visual Studio != Visual Studio Code, but VsVim for Visual Studio is excellent, and this is from a daily/advanced Vim user.

Same for me, which is why nvim is so exciting.

I am playing around with https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=vscodevi...

It has most of the basic stuff working. I will admit that with the auto complete and what not it isn't quite like my native vim experience. I have actually been thinking about disabling it and just trying to learn the VScode short cuts.

Recent issue discussing this - https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/3600

This is great. Its too bad there isn't a +1 button for comments in github issues, because some of them are just incredibly important to highlight. I just installed VSCode and was impressed overall and would absolutely use it, except I could never switch to an editor that didn't have basic things like this, which was mentioned in the issue thread.

  Numeric arguments (3dd, 2x, ...)
  support for combining commands (ci[, cW, ggVG, ...)
  visual commands
Anyone who uses vim primarily lives by these features.

Good feedback. I'm working on how we can improve the vim experience in VS Code Now that we have essentials completed (accessibility, localization) this is an important use case for us.

Disclaimer: I'm on the VS Code team. Ping me on Github @waderyan or Twitter @waderyan_.

amVim is the better of the two, but VSCodeVim is the one that seems to have the most mindshare (almost definitely because of the name and it came first).

Both amVim and VSCodeVim still have problems that mean they're not drop-in replacement for even stock Vim, but most of them come down to limitations in the VSCode extension APIs at this point.


I tried one recently (2 months ago) and no it's not good enough.

The integrated debugger via delve is absolutely great.

Yeah, I am not a Vim shortcut aficionado at all, but not having . be repeat command was such a deal breaker for me.

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