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Cool. You're entitled to your opinions. There's no need to hide behind a temp account. We can have differing opinions and still be civil.

I'm not offended on others' behalf. I'm not a social justice warrior. I'm not demonizing anyone. I just wanted OP to know that the term "midget" is viewed as a derogatory slur by people in that community. I probably wouldn't have brought it up, but it was used in a context that I found slightly negative, slightly off-putting.

That's it, not a big deal. If we want to be a more inclusive community, I personally think it's good, necessary even, to give people polite, respectful feedback about something they said being exclusionary. And the OP can choose to incorporate that feedback or ignore it. I don't think I'm 100% right all the time; ignoring or disagreeing with my opinion won't offend me. (Implying I somehow vaguely belong in the Female Hitler Youth is a little excessive, but whatevs.) Honestly, I would have preferred to provide feedback privately in this case, but HN doesn't have a means to do so unless you put contact info in your profile.

You and I seem to disagree on this, but there's probably at least one thing we agree on, like books or movies or programming languages or freakin' pizza toppings. I hate how public Internet discussions so quickly escalate into full-scale ideological war. Sometimes a comment is just a comment, not an opening gambit.

You can ignore and flag the obvious trolls.

You're confusing trolls with midgets! That's not funny.

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