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Well, I wasn't really looking for solutions myself since I know how to get screenshots and crop/blur/mask them appropriately on different platforms. My comment was more about people not knowing how to do these.

On Windows though, I use Greenshot [0] to capture the screen or a window or a specific region of the screen, with options to send the capture to one of several programs directly. Paint.NET [1] is what I normally use for cropping/annotations/masking, etc.

[0]: http://getgreenshot.org/

[1]: http://getpaint.net/

I was just saying that windows does have this stock, it's just not many people know about it. It's extremely handy, cause you can save directly (no going through paint or other hacks) or copy and paste it into Word/Outlook and other stuff, already trimmed to exactly what you need. Average week, I use Snipping Tool like 20~30 times.

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