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As someone who has purchased most of your products, I just wanted to say thank you!

I admit I've pirated a lot of software in order to try it over time, but I end up buying what I start using in my workflow. I don't make money producing music (yet!), so I definitely use trials or pirate expensive plugins (I'll often try to re-trial something if my trial lapses and I haven't yet used it enough).

Serum? I downloaded the trial, used it, then bought it. The same with LFO Tool. It is a complete steal at its price point, and an absolute beautiful piece of software. I hope Kanye gets more flac for this.

Keep up the great work! I'm constantly blown away at the work you and Steve do.

> I hope Kanye gets more flac for this.

I see him as more of a 128 kinda guy.

Thanks dude! You rock! And I bet the music you make with Xfer products rocks! :D

I'd like to hear the music you made with these tools please.

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