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That's fine. If OP had an email address in their profile, I would have sent a private message. I'm not trying to make some big statement here, just share a reflection.

From the Little People of America organization: "The word 'midget' is used as a derogatory slur to refer to people of short stature. Whether or not the intention of using the word is to bully and to demean, or just as a synonym for small, the term has been deemed a slur by those within the community and should be eliminated accordingly. In a recent organizational statement, LPA put forward a call to action to abolish the word from the everyday nomenclature and to replace it with synonymous designations when necessary."

Thank you, I took notice of your comments. I should add contact options, you're right. As for the offensiveness of my joke, I usually interact in circles where people are less sensitive and can take a joke. I am at odds with the political correctness movement. That is all I can say about this.

Strangely enough, I do too [interact in circles.. ]. I've started making more of an effort, because I've been called out on borderline jokes by people I respect.

Anyway, thanks for observing the feedback in the spirit it was given. Cheers.

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