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"To purchase the software you have to go through a bunch of screens, enter payment info, download, install, and then enter a serial number"

You're forgetting the iLok. Physical license keys are one of those laughable gimmicks of pro multimedia. My laptop only has 3 USB ports - fairly normal - one is always taken up by this dead weight (or I have to use a hub).

Plus, since iLok has the monopoly when it comes to dongles, they racket everyone into purchasing an additional "insurance", otherwise if you lose your key, your licenses are gone forever, unless you pay $130 (+$50 for the new iLok, + $30 for the insurance I belive). Seems obvious to me that this figure is not based on any actual required work, but on the fact that most people have well over $130 of licenses on their iLok, so they eventually give their money to iLok or move to pirating.

iLok is starting to go away -- at least it has with Waves. Waves is dead simple to install these days.

Yup. The main reason I still need it is for East West virtual instruments. Hopefully it will get dropped as more iLok-protected software keeps getting cracked to show how ineffective it is.

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