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Tile | San Mateo, CA | ONSITE, INTERNS

Tile has invented a simple and sleek location tracking app that can be used to track any item users don’t want to misplace. Tile is the first mass-market Internet of Things device and community, and has created a user-driven network of access points that work together to help locate missing belongings, but that have a potential impact that is far, far greater, spanning transportation, healthcare, energy, and the connected home.

We are hiring!

Android Engineer (Android SDK, BLE for Android, RESTful APIs, JSON)

iOS Developer (Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, Xcode)

Backend Engineer (J2EE and the Spring MVC)

Embedded Firmware Engineer (WIFI, BT/BLE, USB, I2C, SPI, UART)

NetSuite Engineer (NetSuite, PHP, MySQL, Eclipse, an ERP application)

Product Designer (Framer, Flinto, Principle, Pixate, Origami, HTML/CSS/JS, After Effects)

Production Planner (PLM software, ERP, Excel)

Sr. Hardware Continuation Engineer (ISO 9000, Contract Manufacturers)

Sr. Hardware Engineer (DFM principles, EMC: FCC/CE/VCCI, WIFI, BT/BLE)

Web Designer (UX, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Retail E-Commerce Experience)

Head of Brand Marketing (Retail, Etail, Direct, B2B)

Full­stack Web Engineering Intern (Javascript libraries, Java, PHP)

Mobile Engineering Intern (Android & iOS)

Hardware Engineering Intern (Oscilloscopes, High Speed Probes, Logic Analyzers)

Product Analyst Intern (Quantitative Analysis, Tableau, SQL)

Interested parties may contact Rob.Stolle@thetileapp.com

Hi I am Masters student of Software engineering at San Jose State University. I am looking for intern opportunity as Full Stack Web developer.Please review my profile and work at

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ajeetsahu GitHub: https://github.com/AjeetSahu

Thanks and regards Ajeet Kumar Sahu email: ajeet.sahu@outlook.com mob: 4086279583

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