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Spire Global - http://www.spire.com | Locations: Glasgow; San Francisco; Singapore; Boulder | Onsite only

Spacecraft Operations Engineer | Platform Engineer

We have several positions open in Software, Hardware and Operations. Please visit our careers page to learn more: http://www.spire.com/careers

Keywords: Satellites, Space, Linux, C, Python, embedded systems, RTOS, microcontrollers, AWS, electronics and hardware, distributed systems and networking, EE, PCBs, etc.

Overview: Spire is a nano-satellite powered data platform. We build and launch small remote-sensing cubesats to capture valuable data for weather prediction and Maritime domain awareness.

We are a fast moving, energetic start-up applying agile development principles to a traditionally sluggish and overly-burdened industry (and having fun doing it).

You will never be bored at Spire!

Please email Darin@spire.com if you are interested in learning more. Previous work in satellites not required.

I always search for the combination of remote and aerospace, but aerospace is often such a hands-on industry. Not to mention work permits for the aerospace industry usually require US permanent residents or citizens. Hope one day to find a remote role in the industry I love.

Sounds awesome, but requires some pretty specific domain knowledge!

Will Kerbal Space Program be sufficient...? :P

Haha, it could be. Shoot me a note darin@spire.com :)

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