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- Mailgun’s prices scale much better than Sengrid. 700,000 emails per month w/ Mailgun $316.50 vs w/ Sendgrid $399

- All paid accounts are given unrestricted access to all Mailgun features. Sendgrid feature gates by plan

- Mailgun has no punitive overages, with Sendgrid you’ll pay as high as $1 per 1000 emails for exceeding your plan. https://sendgrid.com/mkt/assets/pdfs/1-16_SendGrid_Compariso...

Disclosure: I work for Mailgun

- After Mailgun's $59 surcharge per dedicated IP (which customers will need, given your shared pool deliverability record), you'll find SendGrid's high volume prices scale pretty closely.

- We do offer plans without subuser management and whitelabeling. That's so we can be a cost-effective choice for startups and low-volume senders, which I'd argue is a good thing! Pro customers always get every feature we have to offer, including a dedicated IP.

- Overages rarely happen. In the specific case he's describing, it's nearly always going to make sense to pay $10 for 60,000 more emails.

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