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This is exactly why I change email addresses every 1/2 years. I've forwarding setup from 3 of my old addresses to my current address and for all financial transactions I only use my current email address.

So when you want to look up an old email, you have to remember which three month period it was in and which email address that corresponds to? When you have conversation that spans multiple periods, you have to do this multiple times? This cure is worse than the disease.

Local mail archives are a hell of a drug.

Using mutt or offlineimap:

1. Configure POPS/IMAPS access to the account, use Maildir format locally.

2. Download all messages.

3. Copy your saved messages to another location.

4. Delete all email on server.

Local search tools can then be used to access that archive.

I don't use email to have lengthy period conversations.. Didn't even know it was a thing until now!

Almost all of my conversations are over chat and my primary usage of email is to sign up with sites or receive updates on my orders on Amazon/whatever. I haven't felt it as a curse so far. YMMV

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