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Join BestReviews in building the next generation product review/recommendation service. Think modern-day ConsumerReports. We are profitable, receive over 3MM uniques/month and are growing fast. Here is some recent press about us: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/patrick-daniel/how-this-harvar...

As designer of BestReviews, you will be guiding the look and feel of our site. You will work alongside a team of writers, researchers, lab techs, testers, and experts in addition to coordinating with a team of marketers and data scientists. Rather than join a team where you work in a tiny subset of the business, your work will have an immediate and direct impact on our site. You will report to the Co-Founders.

Our headquarters and testing lab are in Reno Nevada, but we have an office in the SF Financial District. This role will be SF based. Learn more about us here: http://bestreviews.com/about-us

Your primary objective:

Create an A+ design experience for our users Establish a cohesive and definitive look and feel throughout the site. Build a system that scales (we have a lot of product categories to tackle + additional ideas for content creation that will require design assets!)

Please email jobs@bestreviews.com if you are interested.

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