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CoachUp - Boston, MA - ONSITE - Full time

I'm co-founder at CoachUp, a marketplace for sports coaching. We have 10,000 coaches on the site in 30 sports across the country, and we help connect them with athletes looking for private training. We're venture backed with about 30 employees and a dev team of 8.

We're looking to hire a mid- to senior- level full stack web developer, preferably with experience in Ruby on Rails. On the frontend we use React, with a recently overhauled setup that lets us use npm packages, ES6, webpack, and all that goodness. It's pretty sweet; ping me if you want details on how we integrated it with Rails's asset pipeline.

One perk of working here, which I guess distinguishes us from other posts here, is you get to meet professional athletes, which is kind of cool. Julian Edelman, Shane Batier, and Nerlens Noel have come by the office. We're working with Steph Curry, but he hasn't been by yet... maybe when they next play the Celtics :).

Email me either at gabe@coachup.com or my personal address in my HN profile for more informaiton.

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