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We were relying on Mandrill to send a lot of emails. The problem with Mailgun, Sendgrid and others is that they're too expensive, which means they're unaffordable by our bootstrapped startup. Is there any service that has pricing similar to Mandrill?

Mailgun and Sendgrid are too expensive? How so? Mailgun offers 10k emails/month totally free, and it's $0.0005/email or less after that. Sendgrid will give you 40k emails for $10/month, or 100k emails for $20/month.

If you can't afford those prices, your business has bigger problems.

Hi nakodari - SparkPost is matching Mandrill's pricing and offers 100k/mo free plan. Check out our migration guide: https://www.sparkpost.com/mandrill-migration-guide

Elastic email seems like an excellent substitute for "cheapest per email cost" type email needs. They are a front runner candidate for me in a lot of use cases.

Also elasticmail.com, so far it looks like we'll implement sparkpost and elasticmail for redundancy.

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