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For all those looking for new development and data science roles in New York: check out my new startup The Round NYC.

(I previously co-founded Songkick.com, YC s2007)


We're putting 100 of New York's top tech teams in one room on 16 April in Brooklyn.

It’s like a totally honest meetup: just the hiring/getting hired bit! We do this already in London as Silicon Milkroundabout.

For our first New York event, we will host 100 teams including Vimeo, Moat, Managed by Q, Karhoo, Interworks, Cloudreach and Voodoo.

There's space for up to 1,000 experienced software developers and data scientists, but spots are by invitation or application only.

The event is insanely cool. If you get in, you get access to the actual team members (founders, CTOs and the engineers themselves). For kicks we throw in a free bar, free daycare, free coffee, free snacks and live art.

If you're a developer or data scientist in New York, apply for your ticket today and I'll be in touch asap to let you know if your application has been successful .. It would be awesome to meet as many fellow HNers as possible!

Pete Smith

(hit me up if you have any questions: pete@theround.com)

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