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Coalfire | Penetration testers | Denver, Seattle, Atlanta offices

Looking for penetration testers of all skills. We do penetration testing against many fortune 500 companies and I guarantee you won't find a more fun atmosphere in the office. Shoot me a PM if interested or send an email. It can be found on my github account /danhmcinerney.

Hi Dan, I'm reaching out to you here because I couldn't find your email and I would love to learn more about this opportunity. I am finishing my second master's degree in Information System Security and will be taking certification exams soon in CCNA/CCENT/CCDA/CCNA: Security. Could you please let me know of more information? I can be reached via email at priscillawang303@gmail.com Thank you for your time and consideration here! Warmly, Priscilla

Hi Dan. I also unable to find your email on github. Im an ethical hacker and pentester from Russia, worked many years for government and now looking for a job. Please can you sent more info to me randtgn@gmail.com, i also will provide more details about me :)

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