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OpenDataSoft | Paris, France (onsite) | Full-time https://www.opendatasoft.com/company/jobs/

We're a small 4-years-old company (21 employees at the moment, including 11 R&D engineers) building a SaaS platform to help governments and companies to share their data, ranging from the typical opendata platform to an internal sharing platform, and anything in between. Our product targets regular users, not technical users, and aims at making data publishing as easy as possible; we don't sell professional services and instead try to let our customers be as autonomous as possible with the product in a true SaaS fashion, sometimes by teaching them a few things in the process. We also try to make data exploration as easy as possible, in order to make open data reachable to any citizen or end-user.

Our stack is basically a Django (Python) project, with a data processing framework pushing stuff into Elasticsearch, which is exposed through an API allowing filtering, querying, complex aggregations, and so on. On the front-end, a lot of AngularJS hitting this API and allowing users to dynamically filter and explore datavisualizations, and an administration interface trying to solve the big challenge of making data transformation and publishing as easy as possible.

We are currently looking for: - a front-end engineer, to work on the product's UI and data APIs (AngularJS, Python) - a back-end engineer, to work on our data processing framework and on Elasticsearch (Python)

You can contact us directly on jobs@opendatasoft.com, even just to share a coffee and talk a bit more about what we do and what you're looking for!

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