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Longshot Systems | Senior Software Engineer | Marylebone, London, UK | ONSITE | Full time | £50k-£?k

Longshot Systems is a sports analytics company that provides software to assist professional gamblers to bet profitably. We need highly skilled engineers to take on all aspects of our stack. We have a distributed, event based system processing thousands of signals per second with very tight latency requirements. Our clients trade millions of pounds using our technology. We use go, java, postgres, rabbitMQ and various other technologies for the core systems.

You would have at least a few years of experience in either Go or another general systems language to a high professional standard and have been involved with handling money, distributed systems, testing, maintaining and perhaps some sysadmin skills. You'd join and help shape the architectural direction at the company and get involved in all areas of the production codebase. Knowledge of sports or betting not required.

We have an office dog, Minos, who is rather cheeky. If you need a pic to help in your decision making process, we can provide.

Our customary office hours are week days from 10 til 6. If that's not good for you, let us know, we're flexible.

Unfortunately we can't support visa applications at this time. If you would like to apply or request further information, email me at jobs@longshotsystems.co.uk

Website: https://www.longshotsystems.co.uk/

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