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Mediaburst | http://www.mediaburst.co.uk | Manchester UK | Fulltime | Preferably onsite but possibly remote.

We're an SMS company: We have an API (https://www.clockworksms.com/), an online texting app (https://www.textburst.com) and we also provide an SMS based telehealth service (https://www.getflorence.co.uk/).

We're constantly trying to improve our products and need bright minds to do so - we've got a mature tech stack so there's no firefighting. We're just trying to make nice SMS apps that people enjoy using and do some good in the telehealth sector too. We're not a startup, we're a small, agile team without layers of fluff and responsibility.

We need a .NET dev and a Designer: https://www.mediaburst.co.uk/jobs/

We've got loads of plans for our stack, loads of ways of improving the apps and new apps (https://www.surveymill.co.uk) in the pipeline.

the current stack: C#.NET, Perl, Angular, ReactJS, MySQL, CentOS, HAProxy.

Fancy a chat about it? https://www.mediaburst.co.uk/jobs/

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