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Brightwork.io | Portland, OR | API Developer/Intern (http://brightwork.io)

When you’re building an application you don’t want to have to worry that APIs you’re using is such a leap of faith. You want to be able to just build your application, use the APIs that will help that application gain traction, and at the same time save you money. But what happens when you want to switch APIs? You need to remove all of the dependencies, recode your application, then re-deploy it to your servers. And if you have an iOS application, you have to go through Apple’s cumbersome approval process.

Brightwork takes the pain out of APIs and removes that leap of faith. With Brightwork you can now turn up a stack in minutes, see all of your APIs’ performance and usage data information, and swap an API without the need to recode your application. We are unifying APIs to save Developers time and money. A lot of time. And a lot of money.

If you're passionate about APIs we want to hear from you. We're looking for someone that can come in and help with some technical heavy lifting. In exchange for your services you'll get real world exposure to building an enterprise class platform for some of the biggest brands and companies.

Please note, this is an unpaid internship. Students who are enrolled in an accredited post primary school need only apply. Remote considered, but we would prefer candidates in the Portland, OR. area. Email your resume, github username, and any other links to your work to josh@brightwork.io

You want someone to help with the technical heavy lifting, as an unpaid intern? Aren't unpaid interns legally not allowed to do work that advantages the company?

Yea... not cool bro... read number 6:


Legal fees > Salaried employee

You are both right. That was worded wrong. The Intern would work closely with our Staff and not be just left to their own devices. Sorry about that. We didn't want this to seem like we're just looking for free labor to get work done which is why this is only opened to Students in school. We want them to get real-world exposure while getting much needed credits.

Seems unlikely that anyone experienced/competent enough to do any technical heavy lifting would go for this anyways... There's quite a few internships out there that pay at a rate significantly higher than the median household income of the United States.

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