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AtScale — San Mateo, CA (ONSITE; FULL-TIME)


We're a small (25 person) company in the Hadoop and business intelligence space. We saw a huge growth in demand last year and we're hiring so we can keep up! We're honestly and literally working with the bleeding edge of technology, so if that's interesting to you, drop us a line! We're currently hiring:

* Hadoop DevOps

* Scala Engineers

* Front End Developers (lots o' Javascript)

* Hadoop Experts

As a front end developer here, I have to say this is pretty much the best job I've ever had. Hands down. We use systems and processes that work for us, rather than simply being blindly adherent to some pre-defined process. Everyone has a lot of authority and autonomy, everyone has a huge impact on the product, and its just good work. We're working on legitimately complicated problems, and they're hugely fun to solve. It's not the kind of work that's fit for everyone, but if you're interested in this kind of thing, I think this is really the pinnacle of what's out there.

You can check out the careers page at http://www.atscale.com/careers, or feel free to just ask me whatever at james@atscale.com.

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