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Tweag I/O | Paris, France | Full-time, onsite

Tweag I/O is looking for distributed systems engineers to be part of one of several projects focused on developing the next wave of storage solutions in Haskell and in C, targeted at the Exascale.

We are a research and development laboratory at the heart of Europe, applying functional programming techniques to tame the complexity of distributed systems and scale predictably. For this position we're looking to have you join a local team near our headquarters here in Paris. We're pretty happy to look at helping you relocate if you're up to spending some time in this beautiful city. Fluency in French not required.

Many of our existing folks come from diverse backgrounds, be it a PL research and/or formal methods background, high-speed storage or machine learning. We are the active maintainers of the Cloud Haskell project and authors of the HaskellR and Sparkle projects, among other open source contributions. Our engineers spend a fair amount of time building the tools they need to make their life here a happy one. We love Nix and Stack so much to build and deploy our software that we made it easy to use both together (see our blog for more on all of these: http://www.tweag.io/)

If you like the idea of working on the software plumbing and infrastructure for tomorrow's Science, by systematically decomposing them into simple, orthogonal solutions that compose and commute like in algebra, give us a shout at jobs@tweag.io!

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