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This was never the case in my not at all upscale city. There was always plenty of safe places where lots of kids spent their time. Also if this is a problem organizing a cleanup isn't even difficult. We did know some resident homeless people but homeless people are people and aren't dangerous to children by definition. The homeless I knew growing up were pretty friendly and not more dangerous than any other stranger. They were just like every other person who "lived" in the neighborhood. If your kid doesn't know to not touch poop then your kid is too young to go out unsupervised. Other kids just don't touch poop and move on, it's not complicated.

Besides they yard was an after thought, I spent most of my outdoor time in public places and I was outdoors every day in the summer.

You may just as well say "I'm too good for public property, I'd rather not share with the peons." Don't hide behind "safety." There's no major safety issues in letting your children use a public park.

And anyways, it's probably much safer to let your kids have a hypothetical chance of running into hypothetical broken glass (that they can just walk away from) than to put them in a car every time they need to go somewhere, as automobile accidents are the leading cause of death in people ages 5-25 (or something along those numbers)

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