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Silicon Valley has one of the highest male/female ratios in the world, if not the highest.


At least by that metric, that means it's the toughest place for single heterosexual men to find women to date. I'm curious if women find the imbalance awesome or awkward when it comes to dating (probably a little bit of both?).

Come to DC which has one of the best ratios (for guys, at least), and the women are pretty much all highly-educated, if you're into lawyers, policy wonks, biologists, or NGOers.

Plus, salaries at pure software companies and startups are pretty good. I have had four people in the last week quote me 200k salaries.

What type of positions in DC @ $200k?

Full-stack Angular, Node, Spark, Hadoop, Java, Scala, AWS, etc.

Dang. I hate moving. But that sounds appealing.

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