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> Plus the gender ratio is much better for men almost anywhere else.

Could you elaborate?

Silicon Valley has one of the highest male/female ratios in the world, if not the highest.


At least by that metric, that means it's the toughest place for single heterosexual men to find women to date. I'm curious if women find the imbalance awesome or awkward when it comes to dating (probably a little bit of both?).

Come to DC which has one of the best ratios (for guys, at least), and the women are pretty much all highly-educated, if you're into lawyers, policy wonks, biologists, or NGOers.

Plus, salaries at pure software companies and startups are pretty good. I have had four people in the last week quote me 200k salaries.

What type of positions in DC @ $200k?

Full-stack Angular, Node, Spark, Hadoop, Java, Scala, AWS, etc.

Dang. I hate moving. But that sounds appealing.

My guess, it's not as hard to find women in the office in tech companies in key roles outside of SF at least not as bad as it's made out to be in CA and the tech centric news sources that tend to focus solely on Silicon Valley as representative of tech as a whole. Some of us work in regular old Fortune 500 companies that aren't based in SF, and generally, but not always, they seem to do a better job on the gender mix and attracting female talent granted its not 50/50. Maybe companies in other areas provide better work life balance and stability than start up culture tech companies, I don't know. This is also purely anecdotal and based on my experience.

Might just mean in general, if the person's single maybe the odds are better of meeting someone, no idea.

I believe SF has a much better straight male to female ratio than the rest of SV. A lot of single women want to live in the city.

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