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Divvyshot (YC W09) launches (with HTML5 drag-and-drop support) (examiner.com)
88 points by Sam_Odio on Feb 12, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 51 comments

My favorite feature is probably one of the hardest to find. To upload photos in Firefox 3.6 just drag them directly onto an event page.

I <3 HTML5

Congrats, Sam and team!

About time someone brought some serious design chops to the table. Pretty much every major photo sharing site (bar MobileMe) rocks the web like it was 1999.

This looks cool, but the website is a good example of design ignoring "the fold" causing confusion. I spent about 30 seconds staring at the three tiny blocks of text below the menu options before I realized that I could scroll down.

Is it 1999 again?

Even if you can't see more than the 3 boxes on the page, you have a scroll bar and a large, softly pulsating link that says "Sign up now, it's free ↴". And if you don't scroll down, all of the navigation is right there at the top anyway.

I'm glad they ignored the fold, and I think all designers should aspire to this level of quality and attention to detail in their own work.

I think the problem is not so much "the fold" as it is the blank space there making it seem like the bottom of the page, so it has the same blocking effect as, say, a strong line.

Maybe some sort of visual cue or "bridge" would encourage scrolling, like stepping the paragraphs, or using an alternating left-right text-graphic layout.

Me too. On a MacBook Air resolution, clicking on the button causes absolutely no change, because the change happens below the fold. I thought the page was broken.

Mine scrolled down automatically, maybe it's a bug?

Check out their sexy new homepage: http://divvyshot.com/

(For reference, here's the old one http://www.crunchbase.com/assets/images/original/0003/8843/3...)

Hats off, Sam. Nice work.

I dig the reddit shirt in the photos. :-)

I liked it enough to sign up for it, but once I did, I clicked on puppies. After browsing a bit, I decided I wanted to upload my own photos. I started doing so, and only right at the end did it somehow become clear that my photos where going to go into the puppies stream.

Also, event thing confuses me. Do I have to add all my photos to an even or create an event for each of my 5000 photos or am I not supposed to upload my photos and only upload photos from a particular event. Really not clear to me.

It's great too see you guys using Django, and it's great overall.

I've got a few grains of salt concerning the UI:

1) The first four icons should be the most important: Share, Upload, Import, Download.

2) As a user I'm not really concerned about which uploader I'm using ("Advanced photo uploader"); it's far easier for me to read "Upload," and once I've clicked on it been informed as to which one I'm using. (Maybe with the option to switch.)

3) The privacy controls don't really work as toggles. The options are simple enough, but "Click to allow only friends to contribute" doesn't tell me who can contribute now?

Same goes for "Click to allow only friends to see event," I'm not sure who can see the event now?

And that gave me a bit of "angst," I don't really want other people to see my photos. The icons don't really tell me which mode I'm in and the text label can only tell me which mode I can go to. It would be great to know, without uncertainty as to which mode I'm actually in.

4) I can see from a design perspective that you've placed the "main" actions in the center, and that its 3 - 4 - 3 icons, but the problem is that I don't have any references for most of the icons, so I'm going to start at the left - And then I'm going to see scary/ "angst infused" privacy controls.

5) Delete is located under "event settings." I suppose that's ok, but I only found it by chance.

Maybe this is just me, but I couldn't get the site to work. Check my profile for the email address I used to sign up.

First try, Firefox 3.6 on Snow Leopard: - Opened iPhoto and dragged a photo in, progress bar filled, but no picture appear, and no indication of success was given. Check file info and realized it was a NEF. - Repeated process with a JPG. Progress bar filled, but same results.

Next try, Safari 4.0.4: - Clicked upload button - Selected two files - Progress bar filled, but no pictures appeared, and no indication of success was given.

Now when I visit the home page, it says I have two events, but neither of them are clickable because they have no pictures.

Beautiful site though, I was really impressed by the GUI (if only it worked...).

Thanks for the heads up. We've had an unexpected rush of uploads this morning as the east coast woke up.

We've started additional AWS Instances and things should be working normally and just a few minutes.

UPDATE (9:52 PST): We now have 5 machines processing & resizing photos. There are still 6,500 photos left in the upload queue from earlier today. We're processing them LIFO so it may take us a few more minutes for us to get to the photos uploaded early this morning.

Since the queue is so large expect new photo uploads to take longer than they normally should.

If you have any more problems please email us directly: human -åt- divvyshot -dºt- com

One last, really minor thing:

When I create a new event, and click "Untitled Event" to edit it, it would be really nice if it auto-selected the text for me. As is I had to click, then double-click, so it's three click for a one click operation.

Wow, congratulations guys! It's been fun watching the site evolve over the past few months. The new site design is absolutely beautiful, I don't think I've ever seen anything better in a web application to be honest.

On top of the nice design, the URL for the images is quite short and legible; e.g. http://divvyshot.com/photo/LRHa/. That's a nice touch.

You can go even shorter: http://divvyshot.com/p/LRHa/ or http://dvsht.com/p/LRHa/.

The same works for events; just substitute an e.

There's a rather good interview with Sam on the same site ~ http://www.examiner.com/x-/x-2901-NY-Business-Strategies-Exa...

Ignore: back up: sam is someone editing the site live? I'm getting an "Unhandled Exception" ~ http://www.flickr.com/photos/bootload/4350032335/ I'd really like to try this app.

Serious question: who did the voiceover for the demo video: http://vimeo.com/7193701 ?

a) Congrats, Sam (and Paul, and Michael)!

b) That redesign is seriously gorgeous

Thank you for showing photos on a gray background - so much better for making them the focus!

Everything seems really great - especially the web design :)

You must have Java installed on your computer to use the drag-and-drop uploader.


The java applet is a backup for older browsers. If you have firefox 3.6 just drag photos directly onto an event page.

We'll expand support as soon as we can but we're at the mercy of the browsers here.

Only Firefox 3.6 supports dragging files onto a web page. Not available in chrome yet...

Why they failback on Java not G Gears?

Google is doing a poor job of supporting Google Gears, and they've made it clear that they're focussing on HTML5 from now on.

Did you guys create the java applet yourselves? Or is it something that you found somewhere?

The design is very slick.

iPhoto online but better, sweet, congrats!

Sweet Design!

Divvyshot, can you guys give a shout out to your designer? Love your site's design and curious if the designer is available for more clients :)

EDIT: I see it was designed in-house by Sam. Darn. Excellent team

Nope - it was designed in house by Michael Yuan.

Very talented guy. There are a couple CSS hacks in there that don't exist anywhere else on the 'net. Try to find them!

The rgba() colors, the text-indent: -9999em's, or the -webkit-transform? Panic's actually been doing that on their blog too: http://www.panic.com/blog/ But still cool stuff :)

Some UI issues:

- The front page acts weird if you have it any less than full width. Things get pushed around in a weird way, including getting pushed off the page. But this is really just a nit-pick, because the important things stay on the page.

- The Flickr import is slick, but needs a progress indicator after you click the Set to import.

- The buttons at the top really should have some text underneath them. By themselves, I had to hover over each to figure out what they mean. I'm sure I'll get used to it after a while, but it's confusing up front.

- Twitter's disabling basic auth in June. Better get switched to OAuth soon ;)

Nothing major and a damn good 1.0. Great job!

+1 on text bellow buttons. Very annoying to have to hover them all too see what can be done.

Generally, there is too much hovering required. Reminds me old quests, where you had to hover over everything to see if some element accepts actions.

Great look - feels more like an app then a webpage.

A few usability comments:

- I kept trying to click the buttons embedded into the help tips, but they're roll-over only.

- The ui doesn't respond instantly - probably because it's loading additional content. While we've been trained to deal with this on normal HTML links, the site looks enough like an application that it seems like things are broken. Please add some sort of progress indicator.

- Progress indicator while uploading, too. I tried uploading a directory and nothing happened. Then I tried another dir, and nothing happened. Eventually, the second directory started showing up.

- When I rotated my small image, the UI got messed up - the text field for the name of the image started overlapping the image itself.

Keep up the good work.

> - I kept trying to click the buttons embedded into the help tips, but they're roll-over only.

Yes. This bugged me. They looked like such beautiful buttons. I was kind of disappointed when clicking them had no effect.

Do you have a source on Twitter disabling basic auth in June? That would be pretty huge, and the API documentation says:

While we have no plans in the near term to require OAuth, new applications should consider it best practice to develop for OAuth. [...] There are still a number of archetectural use cases to work through before we consider the deprication of Basic Auth. Before any changes begin to happen, we will discuss them with the community through the support channels, and give at least 6 months lead time before making any policy changes.


Yes, Basic Auth is ending in June. Most recently documented today: http://groups.google.com/group/twitter-development-talk/brow...

Wow, as a non-native English speaker, I think those are some really bad spelling failures.

What's the purpose of the text-indent: -9999em?

One of the ways that you can create a good looking button or clickable image is to set the background image of an element so that you can take advantage of features like :hover pseudo-classes. Sometimes you don't want the text to appear inside of that element, like if the text for your button is inside the image. The solution is using a huge text indent number (-9999, to take it off of the left side of the page). It's basically a trick. An em is just a measurement, equivalent to the width of the letter M.

You'll notice sometimes when clicking a link that you'll see the dotted outline text extend all the way to the left side of the page. That's because the text inside of that element is actually way far off 9999em's to the left of your display. Like a bad act getting pulled off-stage by the big long hook around the neck.


This is the most awesome shopping cart I've ever seen online!

in our experience, a drag drop action is incredibly hard for a user to perform, and should really be reserved only for when it add significant UI context to the action.

i'd stay far away from having users drag and drop goods into a shopping cart.

But once you get it you will be very addictive to it :D

A drag drop shopping cart is far more interesting than a cart webpage, more intuitive, quickly manageable.

revenue is not made by "interesting" products. and for a shopping cart, i'm not sure it's necessarily that much more intuitive.

I would like to pass along congratulations to Michael Yuan. This site is beautiful and inspiring. Would you guys mind sharing the tools you used to produce it, and how long it took?

I'd also love to know

Yeah, the attention to detail is simply astounding. Look at this page near the end for example: http://divvyshot.com/#to-about

Instead of going with a plain old Google Maps widget, the designer made a 3D map of their area in San Francisco. I mean, just look at the attention to detail on that map alone. Street names are naturally absolutely positioned, the drop pin has rollover and active images, and clicking on it will take the user to a full map. Astounding job.

Another cool thing I noticed: Move your mouse near the "Sign up now, it's free." link. It start's pulsing. Move your mouse on top of it, and it pulses more strongly. Very nice.

It's actually worth signing up just to see the design. For example, try the flow for creating an event.

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