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Typically, this is announced the day my Raspberry Pi 2 turns up....

I know the feeling. Mine arrived yesterday. I don't mind at all actually since I use it in a headless configuration and do not want wifi or bluetooth. The upgrade from the single core to the quad core was already enough to make most headless use cases 100x better.

That said, rpi3 is an even more amazing piece of hardware and a harbinger of the final death of the home PCs that are not gaming desktops or workstations (not that we really needed a harbinger at this point).

Haha, very typical - Same thing just happened to me, the first HN Rumor post I saw regarding it was one week after I received mine from the post.

But all is not lost, the RPi2 is quite performant and I'd still wait on early adopters to report on potential overheating when under a heavy workload. RPi3 Might be approaching the higher-end ODROID (XU3/4) in cooling fan necessity.

I have mine in a Flirc metal case and it is fine. I do not put it under heavy workloads, but the Flirc comes with a thermal pad and attempts to make some of the heat get piped to the case body.

Same here, with a $35 device it's not as bad though, i wanted to buy another one anyway :)

Indeed. I was just about to buy a Zero and was looking through CPC Farnell (one of the UK distributors) and noticed they had a couple of thousands v3s in stock.

I don't feel quite so bad.

I got my B+ and about two months later, the 2 was released.

I got a 2 and about two months later, the 3 was released.

I should hurry up and buy the 3.

I got round to plugging in my Pi 2, that I bought a year ago, yesterday. Ordered a 3 already :)

Investigate if you can return the RPi2, then.

Hurray! I can, and I am!

I would wait until you have a Raspberry Pi 3 on order, or you might be waiting longer than you would like.

Received and all good!

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