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Hardkernel have the ODROID-C2 in beta for a release in two days' time for 40USD - http://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=135&t=18683

Compared to the RPi3, this extra 5USD gets you gigabit ethernet, 2GB DDR3, higher clock speed, and HDMI 2.0 capable of 4K60.

Raspberry Pi kinda won the race not because it had superior hardware, but because of the community it sapwn. You have an order of magnitude more content online about the Pi than the competitors.

I think there's still a market for more powerful devices that don't provide as much hand holding. I agree though the community aspect of the pi is a huge draw, especially when it comes to fixing issues and more esoteric projects.

I have a XU4 and the only reason I got it was for the 2gb of ram. I don't need 8 cores and I certainly didn't need a fan.

I'll be getting a C2.

Does anyone know if the USB ports are fully powered on the C2? As I can power a USB HDD from the USB port on the XU4 (this is a big thing for me as it saves another power source).

Awesome. Somehow I missed the C2 release. Been happy with my C1+.

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