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And a nice HaD review (including competitor boards)


ps: wanted to say the rpi team seems very smart in the regularity and smoothness of their product delivery. A nice amount of changes, same price point, reusable form factor, cute surprise annoucements (pizero). Kudos for that.

> and if you contributed to the C.H.I.P. campaign, you might be waiting another three months.

This portion of the article makes it sound like they have written off C.H.I.P. as a non starter.

I actually received my CHIP back in early January, along with most of the campaign contributors. People are using CHIP today and making things with it. For those that ordered around "black friday" on the getchip.com site, those are expected to ship in June (I have a second order in through there), but the early Kickstarter ones have shipped. They also have more shipping each month.

What are you using it for?

I'm waiting for mind to ship.

And here's an interview with Eben Upton, a founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation:


He also talks a little about his ideas for future versions of the board.

> The Pine64 will be shipping out to backers shortly, but it’s already dead on arrival. I’m a backer of the Pine64 Kickstarter campaign, and I should have some commitment bias towards this cheap 64-bit computer. Even I must concede the Raspberry Pi 3 is the superior board.

How is that, since Pine64 will have same CPU, plus 2GB of RAM, and Gbit ethernet.

The Pi will have a bigger community and more chance of mainline kernel support. I wish other boards could compete but that community is everything.

More accurately, the Pi has a bigger community of vocal fans and press who'll play up its accomplishments and shout down competitors and criticism of the Pi. For example, notice how not having onboard WiFi doesn't matter when the Pi lacks it, but is a big deal when it has it and its competitor doesn't. Also how the Hackaday article spins it as a good thing that, four years later, the Pi Foundation has released a board that's actually useable for the purpose they were promoting it for all along. For those four years, any suggestion the Pi wasn't usable for education was shouted down by fans and ignored by the press, but now the Pi 3's out and they can spin it as a positive thing...

Please don't use four spaces to quote material. Or if you do use four spaces please remember to add line breaks.

(Parent had used four spaces to quote a very long line of text. This breaks mobile by having a single very long line that needs to be scrolled. Scrolling on mobile is broken. Parent edited their post to remove the leading four spaces)

Edited the comment, I thought <pre> makes it easier to tell what part is the quote.

It does on desktop. Sadly, it doesn't on mobile.

and WORST support ever imagined from company routinely shipping GPL violating binary blobs.

On another note from your article, the Pi Zero is selling for more than the Pi3 on EBay. Thought that was interesting. Glad I bought mine at the $5 price. :)

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