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Distribution channels:other distribution channels, be it the web, or other apps. Those might be harder to ban, maybe due to laws(net-neutrality), user expectations about the web or maybe to the power of said apps together.

Politics: pulling strings, getting people Angry and channeling that Anger , pressuring Apple. might have all kinds of side effects on politics, the stock market, people that use phones as a critical tool(work, etc).

Technical solutions: In paralel , they could also shift to a model of virtual bus-stations ,maybe they will put large public touch screens(like in china) , maybe they will create a very thin iphone case with embedded electronics and an eink screen , sell cheaply, just for UBER and some other stuff. Or they will build an automated voice/sms activated ordering system.

End result : Unless other distributions channels works for them, the rest will take too much time, and UBER will probably lose.

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