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1. it would have a severe negative impact on their new customer rate, probably leading to a "fail" in whatever cities they opened that month.

2. It would however lead to a very important debate that has not happened yet - who "owns" the platforms of iOS and android and who can play gatekeeper? Because Apple has not yet abused its position, the problem has not arisen.

But there will be plenty of political and economic incentive to force Apple and Android / goggle play to open their gatekeeper roles to "some other bodies", possibly with public service remits.

Ultimately access to the platforms will always be a privilege, but the platforms are rapidly becoming a public good and as such will one day be regulated differently - just as the electricity industry did.

One day soon the Apple Car App will be directly competing with Uber - I would not like to be Uber then if I had not spent the intervening years quietly lobbying for a "open platform" reform.

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