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IF Magazine (archive.org)
55 points by nikbackm on Feb 27, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

I love the archive.org online reader. I was surprised at how well it works on my phone, where I have a bunch of open tabs holding my place in various books.

I wouldn't mind if some of the current sci-fi magazines would let me open to a reading view like this, and then hide the controls: https://archive.org/stream/1967-12_IF#page/n5/mode/2up

1) The OCR'ed epub versions aren't very good. The stuff that keeps the bitmaps intact (i.e. PDF) are quite readable.

2) If you wanna do a big bulk download for your favorite e-reader, here are the instructions.


if the OCR'd versions aren't very good, is it worth it to get them for ereaders? (PDFs on small kindle kinda suck, I don't expect others to be much better)

EDIT: apparently no, the .mobi are quite terrible, but the .txt version is ok. Weird.

Yeah, PDF's are generally horrible on small screen e-readers. On a larger color tablet like an iPad, they look pretty good.

I have a decent collection of old magazines (many from archive.org) and have setup a "magazine" server I can access from my phone/tablets. It's an amazing experience.


Hey, cool tip about ubooquity - thanks for that!

One of the many reasons I have donated to archive.org in the past. Access to magazines that I would never been possible at the convenience of my home. They had tons of computer magazines that I used to read in my childhood that bring back fond memories.

The cover art alone is worth a look.

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