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You can just disable javascript. That seems to fix 99% of the problems. I use the scriptblock addon for chrome.

Give me HTML. Let my browser render it. If I need some fancy-sauce like websockets, then I will selectively enable them.

> You can just disable javascript

And break an increasing number of websites. What I'm suggesting is a platform where this isn't even a thing. I open my client and I'm guaranteed that all services on the network won't blast me with ads, lazy load content, have page weights of 1MB+ (for a 50KB article), won't let third party advertisers track me via their JavaScript. And they all just work.

Every time I open the uBlock panel, I see even more new domains pop up that aren't on block lists yet. One big UK detailed had over 50 external scripts. Worst is when a sites main layout JS relies on a function in some third party as JS (trackThisGuy()) and completely fails when that code isn't present - block the ad provider, site breaks.

I hate that sites fail to render without JS and dozens of calls to third party sites. At least degrade gracefully back to a readable page!

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