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There's Lynx--the text web-browser. [1]

Someone wrote up their experience using Lynx on the web around 2012. [2] Conclusion: "Not all the sites are usable with Lynx, but many of them offer at least basic functionality using the text-only web browser."

As long as there's HTML output, a more humane web browser could allow better customization of the information; it could infer the usual human organizational methods; lists, metrics, groupings, buttons, etc, and present it with your favorite background color, font size, line-length, image size, videos, etc, based on the hierarchical structure. The other camp is web apps, which is a different use case.

[1] http://lynx.invisible-island.net/

[2] http://royal.pingdom.com/2012/06/25/using-web-browser-lynx-v...

IMO, elinks[1] does a much better job of rendering web content in a terminal. Google actually looks pretty good, and gmail is not too bad either.

[1] http://elinks.or.cz/

Not only is gmail not too bad, in some ways, it's better[0], imo.

[0] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11023851

Elinks is my preferred browser on the terminal, it also has gopher support. DuckDuckGo looks very good with Elinks by the way!

Has elinks development stopped? I vastly preferred it to lynx, but it seems unmaintained now.

Looks like there's limited activity still ongoing.


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